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Guiding Teens Through Important Conversations

Our youth today are connected to technology most of their day on a variety of devices -  phones, tablets, laptops, etc.

We have found a way to meet them where they are while also creating a platform to improve their problem solving, critical thinking and decision-making skills.

Our on the edge game provide a fun and interactive experience that will help youth use scenario-based situations involving but not limited to bullying, peer pressure, drugs and alcohol, to evaluate risk and consequences to make better choices.


On the Edge Game Demo 


This reminds me of the Kahoot game but conversation. I love how it gets students engaged and talking. I really enjoyed the updates visually.  Adult - teacher/facilitator

This was fun. The game allowed for deep conversations, and I had the opportunity to hear what others had to say. Male - 14


I liked it. Very fun this will be good for group talks and everyone can be engage! Female - 16

On the Edge Walk-thru & FAQS

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Divine Destinies Life Skills & Educational Training (DDLS), LLC strives to EMPOWER and help youth and young adults achieve and exceed personal and professional goals. We help to sharpen critical thinking and leadership for personal and professional development. We provide on-site and virtual training to schools, churches, youth organizations, and after-school programs using interactive teaching, discussion, and activities.

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A situational game experience for families, groups and classrooms!


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